Procedures Lite – Running List

I have been made aware of just 2 school districts that have offered or utilized Procedures Lite: Weston and Lincoln-Sudbury.  Please post a comment to this blog entry if you know of others.

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  1. I was just informed by one of our SPEDWatch members that Malden is also using this.

  2. Sudbury has not posted or used this as far as we know. Other communities that have apparently posted or suggested it to some parents are: Malden, Peabody, Lincoln-Sudbury and Weston. There is an active group of lawyers and advocates monitoring this and so far we have not heard of any parents who have actually signed the document which would give up all procedural rights and appeal rights while in effect. I have a piece coming in the Federation’s Newsline soon. If anyone hears of a specific family that has been hornswaggled into signing the PL document, please let Julia Landau or Tom Mela at MAC know. Thanks and best regards … Bob Crabtree

  3. Bob, you are correct – the district is Lincoln- Sudbury, not Sudbury. I have corrected the original post. Thanks.

  4. I feel sick when I read what is going on in the special ed world. Why is the director of special education for MA not speaking out against this seemingly unlawful behavior? It seems it is a direct violation of the Federal IDEA and the MA regulations. I’m very confused as to how this is being supported by districts and ignored by the MA DESE. As well as the federal US OSEP.
    What can be done to stop this process, and what can I do to help?

  5. Also, is this a product being sold to districts from a private entity, or are they simply being instructed during sessions at tax-payer funded conferences for public school employees in using this format to avoid their obligations to disabled students?

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